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Lizhi Network Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as Lizhi Network Technology.

Lizhi Network Technology was founded in 2007 by professional and technical personnel who have engaged in many years of research in the Internet industry. It has a strong operation team and technical team, focusing on high-end website customization, corporate website construction, mobile mobile website construction, mobile APP custom development, application System development, etc., to provide enterprises with global Internet solutions.

Since its establishment, the company has successfully provided high-end Internet services to more than 500 enterprises, institutions and government agencies, including ChinaSoft Group, Volkswagen, Cisco, Bank of China, Huaxia Bank, Zhonghe Group, Besunyen, Lampor, Phoenix Yoga, Huaxia Bank, Huaxia Pawnshop, Huasheng Tiancheng, Proton Pawnshop, Communication University, COFCO, etc.

For Lizhi Network, customers are exclusive and unique. We emphasize a personalized and customized way to communicate with you. Through the combination of creativity, new technology and new media, we provide you with integrated solutions and comprehensive visual communication services.
Lizhi Network understands the development trajectory of China's Internet, and uses the most professional new network thinking to deeply consider the true value of the network in Chinese enterprises, Chinese Internet operators and Internet users, and unswervingly carries the banner of Chinese network innovation. Committed to opening a new chapter in web applications!

our team

our team
  • Business plan

    Not only to build a website, but also to provide valuable ideas and overall services.
    Wangsiren keeps in-depth exploration of various industry attributes and business models, comprehensively understands the status quo of the enterprise, deeply explores brand value, professional planning and accuracy are all product value.

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  • Project implementation

    Mainly responsible for the development management and process monitoring of website construction projects. NetSec's entire project team is very meticulous and rigorous in work. It keeps consultation and communication with customers at any time during the project. Both parties cooperate to complete the project development in the shortest time.

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    Web Thinking-Web Page Production
  • Designer

    We love innovation, have a high passion for creative design, and are ready to spend the night for a good idea. We not only provide beautiful designs, but also know that design is a method or strategy, not just artistic freedom. The design carrier is a brand, emphasizing the practicality of design.

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    Network Thinking-Website Construction
  • Web front-end engineer

    Make each page according to the confirmed design draft. We will carry out web development in accordance with our W3C production standards, making it easier, easier to adjust, compatible with various browsers, and extensible, so that the user experience reaches a certain height!

    We will minimize the page code so that crawling spiders can take away more useful and valuable information. And we will strictly abide by the standard CSS naming rules, so that search engines can quickly recognize the structure of web page content, and quickly index!

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  • programmer

    Professionals engaged in program development and maintenance. Has a strong development force, according to customer needs and workflow to customize the exclusive platform , optimize the website structure, streamline program code, clear hierarchical structure.

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