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Website building

webset design

We focus on the construction of high-quality high-quality websites, the overall establishment of corporate brands in websites, the interactive experience on the Internet, and the high-quality presentation on mobile terminals such as mobile phones. We provide you with consulting, research, analysis, and planning services on a one-to-one basis according to the actual situation of customers, so as to ensure that the website construction project can successfully meet and exceed your expected business goals. We specialize in providing one-stop services, from website brand planning, interaction design, visual design, dynamic creative, to program development, operation and maintenance.

H5 Responsive Interactive Website

Web design Responsive Web design

Visual image-based, fine and appropriate interactive dynamic effects, implemented through advanced technologies such as Flash, html5 special effects, and video, highlighting brand and product characteristics and image, allowing users to obtain refreshing audio-visual effects, bringing a more pleasant user experience , Convey more charming and more impressive.

  • Rich content design

  • html5 page code

  • css3 special effects style

  • H5 Responsive Exchange Website

Mobile & microsite customization

website about mobilephone

In the era of mobile internet, we have come up with the concept of "easy to use, wonderful experience" to develop mobile applications, and create wonderful interconnections that belong to the wireless era.

  • Mobile site

    Mobile web site
  • Microsite

    Micro website
  • WeChat application development

    WeChat application

Mobile websites are adapted to websites browsed by mobile phones. Through the browser on the mobile phone, enter the URL to browse. Due to the limited screen size and CPU processing capacity of the mobile phone, the website optimized for mobile phones is more convenient for users to browse.

  • Mobile interactive experience
  • Sync with PC data
  • Fully compatible phone
  • Tailored
  • Leading design

The terminal's microsite with WeChat as the core carrier makes it a new information carrier on the mobile end, seamlessly docks with WeChat public platforms, displays interactions, and uses everything to make mobile network promotion easier.

  • Micro official website
  • Wechat marketing
  • Weibo Marketing
  • Mobile phone display
  • Interactive function
  • data synchronization

WeChat basic service system platform that provides more intelligent functions for different industries. At the same time, you can customize and develop advanced functions according to your needs.

  • WeChat payment
  • WeChat red envelope
  • Micro menu
  • Micro membership system
  • Micro-advertising
  • Micro official website
  • Mobile site
  • Microsite
  • WeChat application development

Service Process

service process

We specialize in providing one-stop services, from website brand planning, visual design, interaction design, dynamic creative, to program development, operation and maintenance. From the establishment of Lizhi Network Technology in 2007 to the present 9 years, we have rich experience in building stations and operating maintenance to ensure the smooth progress of our work.

评估 协议 规划 风格沟通 设计 设计修改/确认 前端制作 开发 程序开发 上线 售后服务 Requirements assessment agreement planning style communication design design modification / confirmation front-end production development program development online service
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