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Yichang website production chat about our common personal independent blog system are there?

Time: 2019-09-15 15:27:19

Nowadays, following the tide of the Internet, many people are keen to build their own personal blogging system, but it is not possible to build a personal website without professional knowledge of website building. Because of this, many excellent personal open source blogging systems have appeared on the Internet. In order to take care of those who have no foundation in website construction . Below, Yichang website construction Lizhi Network Technology evaluates and recommends several popular open source personal blog systems that are currently popular on the Internet for everyone, so that you can choose your own blog system correctly.

Referral 1: Wordpress open source program is definitely the king of blogs!


1. WordPress has powerful functions and strong extensibility, which is mainly due to its many plugins, which are easy to expand. There are both search engine optimization promotion plugins All in one search engine optimization plugin and static cache plugin cos-html-cache. The functions that a good website should have can be completed through its third-party plug-ins;

2. The blog built by wordpress is friendly to search engine optimization and search engines. It also has a fast indexing and top ranking (especially after installing Google XML Sitemaps and Baidu-Sitemap, a Google sitemap plugin).

3. Suitable for DIY, if you are a website that loves rich content, then wordpress can fit your appetite very well.

4, there are many ready-made themes, a large area on the site are the wordpress theme, a variety of, all-encompassing!


1. The initial content of the wordpress source code system is simply a framework.

2. Although there are many plugins, you cannot install too many plugins, otherwise it will affect the website speed and reduce the user experience;

3. The server space is free to choose, because it is built by php language, it cannot perfectly support wordpress on the windows host space, so generally choose the linux host space that perfectly supports php language! In China, most of the servers are windows systems, and there are many linux systems outside the country, so many webmasters can only buy overseas space, and the website speed is naturally not as fast as the domestic space speed!

4, wordpress backup and website transfer is more tedious, the demand involves the database!

5. Poor staticization. It is true that real staticization is not done well. If you want to generate real static pages for the entire website, it is still not good. At most, you can only generate static pages for homepages and article pages. Therefore, only Can complete pseudo-staticization for the entire station!

Referral 2: Z-Blog Blog System


1. Although it is a blog system built by ASP language, in China, there are more hosts of ASP space, so webmasters can generally choose domestic service providers, and the website visit speed is naturally faster!

2, the function is more in line with the habits of the people, such as the article stick, template active device, etc. (Although wordpress can also complete these functions, but the needs to rely on plug-ins to complete!);

3. Website backup is simple, such as green software!

4, static well done, is conducive to adding user experience and add search engine friendship, better completion of search engine optimization search engine optimization!


1. There are not as many plugins as wordpress plugins, but they are also sufficient to complete various functions!

2. Search engine optimization is not as good as wordpress. The main reason for Fujian search engine optimization is that it is asp language, and it often calls js and headaches.

3. Just as there are advantages and disadvantages to search engine optimization technology, the ASP language of Z-Blog blog is the same, because ASP is bundled on IIS, it has less freedom on the host space and cannot be used in multiple channels!

4. Z-Blog is domestically open, and its popularity is not as good as world-class wordpress, so its chances of being developed are not as wide as wordpress!

Referral 3: Emlog Blog System


1. Satisfaction and simplicity. The hundreds of k data of the emlog blog system let us shine. Compared to the six or seven trillion size of other website building systems, it looks very delicate;

2, meet the sensitivity and fast. Even webmasters who can't write code, using the emlog blog system is very sensitive and fast.


1. HT static ML static cannot be completed in reality, only pseudo static! Sometimes, real static is not only friendly to search engines, but also can increase website loading speed and improve user experience;

2. The head meta tag planning is unreasonable: First of all, the title problem. The emlog blog system defaults to the title of the site after each log. If your title is longer, it will lead to the title of your content. It's long, and at the same time the content's title repetition is high for search engines.

3. The custom page is not perfect: The custom page of the emlog blog system is a single page in the strict sense, but this single page is not the same as a category. A single page does not support writing blog articles, so the single page of the emlog blog system is useless .

In fact, the popular blog building channels now basically belong to the wordpress channel and the Z-Blog channel, and other blog systems do not have high awareness of these two channels at all! However, I remind you that choosing the right blogging system is the most important thing!

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