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Website optimization in Yichang SEO is not just about constantly updating the content of the website!

Time: 2019-09-15 15:39:15

So far, there are still many webmasters or personal bloggers who understand the so-called website SEO optimization just as the website constantly updates its content. In fact, this understanding is wrong. Today Yichang website SEO Yichang Lizhi Network Technology gives webmasters My friend said what operations are needed for low website optimization !

What makes a qualified website on a search engine?

On the search engine, the website mainly looks at the ranking of keywords, how many keywords are on the homepage, and whether the ranking is stable. But in the eyes of customers, this is not the case. Customers often think that low website traffic and a low bounce rate are the best monetization of the website.

Station optimization

The optimization of the site is based on the density of keywords and keywords in the pages of the website. The density of keywords is best controlled between 2-8. And the display of the website is the focus of search engine rankings. Another thing is that the keywords in the website must be not stacked, if the keywords are stacked inside the site, the ranking of the keywords will be difficult to produce results.

Website update notice

When updating the content of the website, do not go to other websites to copy directly. When updating the article, you must update the pseudo-original, preferably the original article. Search engines love to crawl fresh content, which will also bring maximum benefits to the site. Make the website as a whole rise. It is necessary for the website to periodically replace or add friendly links, and the overall impact of the friendly links on the website is also very large. Friendly links, but the website yield has increased and the ranking has also improved.

The above is the introduction of Cloud Infinite Editor. We are not only optimizing the content of the website. We hope that it will help us. If we still have related issues, please continue to pay attention to us.

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