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Yichang Website Construction teaches you how to apply for an SSL certificate to enhance the security of your website

Time: 2019-09-18 16:47:21

Not long ago, a client's website was revised and moved. The SSL certificate was configured on the previous server. As a result, the website could not be accessed by the new server after the site was moved. As a result, the problem was caused by SSL. So this article mainly talks to you about some SSL-related content, it is to give you some help in SSL, so that everyone takes less detours.
Knowing the problem, my top reflection is that my SSL certificate has expired? I didn't think it was caused by the relocation of the website. My ssl was the free version requested by Alibaba Cloud, and it did not expire. After a pass check, I found that the website had changed servers and the ssl equipment was incorrect.

So I re-equipped the ssl certificate. Seriously, I did n’t know how to equip this. At the beginning, I followed Ali's tutorial and found that it did n’t work. The official tutorial was to upload the downloaded certificate file to the server. I use the CentOS system and the Nginx environment. At first I thought it was my own operation error. After a few tossing, it was determined that it was the official method.

So I can only do it myself, but I am a lazy person, I can only find a solution online, after looking for a wave, it is impossible to test a few, and I can only rely on myself.

I installed the floating slaughter panel. The Nginx equipment is not accessible. I can only change the path. It is set directly on the website. The floating sled is convenient. There is ssl equipment directly on the website. After copying it in, the test found that it was ok.

But the question comes, isn't it to consider SEO? I found that although I can visit the website, there are two URLs that can be visited, that is, both http and https can be visited, but the first thing that comes to mind is 301. So I set up the website 301 in the floating slaughter, and found that after setting 301, it was I can't visit both addresses. I can be sure about this. I have been using floating slaughter for several years. The 301 that comes with it is not easy to use.

I can only think of another way. Similarly, if the website 301 is unsuccessful, then it is set up in the Nginx environment, so I found a method for ssl certificate 301 jump on the Internet, write it directly in the Nginx equipment file, and open it. The website test is successful. When visiting http, it will automatically jump to https.

This method is very simple. This is the idea. The experienced webmasters will be able to listen to it. If you are a novice and can attach importance to my contact and consultation, I will inform you of the detailed steps.

There are many advantages to using SSL certificates on websites. In the past two years, search engine companies such as Baidu, the country, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have vigorously promoted website security, and major Internet giants have also actively responded. Baidu webmasters have stated that https visits Will be more popular with search engines.

It is because of this attitude of Baidu that I use https to visit the website, which mainly has the following advantages

1. The website is more secure and not easily hijacked

2. Give users a more professional and secure feel and protect user privacy

3.Search engines prefer

4. Website inclusion will be better

5.More advantages

Up to now, very few corporate websites from all walks of life have enabled SSL certificate https visits. This is also an opportunity. It is useless to request one quickly. It will help the website a lot. Now many companies provide free SSL certificate services. You can request it without spending a penny.

If you enable https visits, but do not do 301, your http domain name can still visit, please contact me, I will tell you the method.

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