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Yichang SEO teaches everyone how to create an internal link system that favors search engines and user browsing preferences

Time: 2019-09-18 17:09:55

In the process of website optimization, for the link, there is an internal link network inside the website and an external link network outside. These two parts form the link structure of the website, which is also one of the focuses of the search engine algorithm to investigate the website. SEO优化 中一定要做好内链和外链的建造布局。 Therefore, in the SEO optimization , we must do a good job in the layout of the internal and external chains. The following Beijing Cloud Infinite Optimization editor will show you how to do a good job of internal chain construction:

SEO优化 中会直接影响用户的体验程度,如果有用户进入点击进入网站,会有许多带有超链接的文字,这些链接和文字要有次序、有关联的布局,这样才干有用的拓宽用户的深度阅读。 The internal link will directly affect the user's experience in SEO optimization . If a user enters and clicks into the website, there will be many texts with hyperlinks. These links and texts must be arranged in an orderly and related manner so as to be useful and broadened. Deep reading by users. So what are the ways to create an internal link system that is good for users to read and search engines?

First, do a good job of positioning the internal chain system

Many links inside the website actually take the user to deal with the problem. For example, when the user enters the website and sees a certain piece of content, the key points in the content may be rarely known. At this time, we are doing key points or key words. Hyperlink, jumps to the key content introduction page, so it can handle the user's needs well, and also allow users to read the website in depth.

Second, there are various functions of the internal chain.

As long as the links within the website jump to each other, they are all internal links, and their functions are various, such as returning to the top, returning to the news list, jumping to other pages, and so on. However, we must make a good selection during the internal link layout process of each page, and it is necessary to do a good job of the internal link. If there is no such internal link, it is best not to do it. Although the internal link can improve the correlation between the various pages of the website, it is also necessary to grasp the standards to avoid unauthorised use and form disordered website layout.

SEO优化 进程中建造布局时一定要将其网络关系搞清楚,然后有条有理的进行内链建造,这样才干符合搜索引擎算法,用户体验清晰。 The internal link is the network of relationships within the website. When we build the layout in the SEO optimization process , we must make sure of the network relationship, and then carry out the internal link construction in an orderly manner, so that it can meet the search engine algorithm and the user experience is clear. Can not blindly seek the number and correlation of internal links. SEO优化 的资讯及技巧请重视咱们网站持续了解。 For more information and tips on SEO optimization , please pay attention to our website's continuous understanding.

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